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2nd Annual Ulisse Edera Tomato Sale

The 2nd Annual Ulisse Edera Tomato Sale will be Friday, May 17th from 9AM-5PM at HOTLIPS in Ecotrust. Tomato Sale 2013 Press Release


A true Oregon native, Marionberry known as the Cabernet of blackberries for its deep, complex flavors. We use berries grown at Sandy Farms in Boring, Oregon. This berry is supurb in HOTLIPS Real Fruit Soda. Available now at all our pizzerias and most places HOTLIPS Soda is sold!


This batch of our all natural CHERRY REAL FRUIT SODA is even better than the last one. More complex, full cherry taste from the blend of dark sweet and sour cherries from the Pacific Northwest. Now available at all HOTLIPS Pizzerias, at, and at many of our 600 retail accounts.

Grand Prize Winner!

Thanks to ALL the folks who wrote us about their HOTLIPS Soda favorites, sent pictures and wrote poetry! It was such fun to hear from fans all over the country – and a few abroad – all the wonderful ways to LOVE a HOTLIPS Real Fruit Soda. You can view all the posts on the […]

HOTLIPS Meatball Sandwich

  Housemade pork + beef meatballs, provalone cheese and tomato sauce. $4.50. Add Kettle chips and a soda for $6.

HOTLIPS Cranberry Soda

Our latest soda flavor is cranberry and oh man is it amazing. No sugar added! Sweetened with pear juice only. The berries are grown at Seaview Cranberries, a sustainably-minded family-owned farm in Sixes on the southern Oregon coast. The farmer, Scott McKenzie and his family are wonderful people and incredibly hard-working folks who LOVE their […]